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March 17th, 2010

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Tamales are popular throughout Latin America, and all version come from an indigenous preparation where ground corn was steamed in the husk of the corn. The Panamanian version is steamed in plantain leaves, which both protect the tamal from the steam and add some flavor. In Panama, tamales are served at local restaurants, by street vendors and at all holidays and festivals. These pictures are of a chicken tamal from the interior of Panama. The Panamanian version is made from grated maiz nuevo, which is fresh, younger corn, hand grated.  This is steamed with sofrito, olives, and spices and a pre-cooked chicken thigh. We were given these, frozen, by some friends, so we boiled them until soft, and then finished off the dish by sautéing some onions and then giving the tamal a quick run through this mixture to add a little flavor. Serve with rice, on the plantain leaf for a nice presentation. 

Hot Tamales

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Panama, Tamale

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